Nike Master Trainers and social media stars Kirsty Godso and Joe Holder designed a fitness challenge that launched on on New Year’s Day to offer all those resolution-makers a way to ease into a fitness routine. The adorable BFFs helped promote the 10-day, follow-along workout series with a Facebook Live and an Instagram takeover in the days leading up to the launch. Day 1 attracted 200K viewers on Facebook and garnered hundreds of thousands more views on site.

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Check Out Alicia Keys’ Trainer’s 5 Booty-Boosting Moves

This video is part of the Hot Moves series; short videos that feature celebrity trainers demonstrating the most effective exercises for their famous clients. Here, Jeanette Jenkins, the trainer for P!nk, Alicia Keys, and Serena Williams, shows the moves that will get that rear in gear.

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Daughter of fitness legend Denise Austin, and Instagram star in her own right, Katie Austin stars in a fitness series for an Instagram-first video franchise. Watch each of the thirteen, 60-second episodes for a quick home workout or mix and match for a full body burn. By leveraging Health’s 360K + and Austin’s 160K+ followers, we launched with a substantial fan-base that ensured healthy viewership that kept growing with each new episode.

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How to Beat Allergies with Yoga

This was custom content created for a Puffs sponsorship for, with the world-famous yogi Tara Stiles as talent.

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